Ep27: Crypto 202 with Chris Coney

We are in a bear market with cryptocurrency. There is no doubt about that. How long will it last? I have no idea.

However, one day a bull market shall return just as the dotcom’s did after the bubble burst in the late 90s.

Then we will see the blockchain versions of Amazon and Apple skyrocket in value. In the meantime, it is winter.

Now is the time where you learn about projects and buy them at a steep discount. The truth is that the vast majority of these cryptocurrencies will never recover. But the ones that do will come back with a storm.

So how do you spend your time if you want to be part of this eventual boom? You learn. You become part of the conversation.

You can’t do that if you don’t speak the language. That’s where my guest this week on Consensus Network really shines. He is one of the best teachers in blockchain I have yet to encounter.

His name is Chris Coney and he will help you make sense out of a lot of fundamental but difficult concepts in distributed ledger technology.

Chris Coney.jpg

Chris Coney

Founder of the worlds first online school to teach courses on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.


    • Chris Coney’s background

    • When did Chris start to buy

    • Chris’s take on Bitcoin Maximalism

    • EOS

    • Proof of stake & proof of work

    • Cryptoversity 2.0

    • How the Crypto Revolution is Bigger than the Internet

    • Search “the cryptoverse” on YouTube for more of Chris