Consensus Network™ provides news, education, and serious discourse around the technological and social phenomenon of distributed ledger technology without mention of FOMO, LAMBOS, OR MOONING.

Buck Joffrey


Buck Joffrey is the host of Consensus Network™. Buck’s background is diverse. He is a board certified surgeon who quickly pivoted into a career as a serial entrepreneur and investor.

His focus in the past few years has been investing outside of the Wall Street paradigm with specific focus on real estate and other alternative investments. He shares these strategies on Wealth Formula Podcast, a top ten investing show on iTunes.

Buck became interested in blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies in recent years and has now made it his mission to learn as much about this poorly understood technological and social movement as possible.

Consensus Network™ is Buck’s way of sharing this journey with others through his unique ability to simplify and educate what he has learned.