Ep14: Bitcoin Boom or Bust with Tyler Jenks

Tyler Jenks has been around for a long time. In fact, he started trading the year my wife was born.

You don’t see a lot of guys who are Tyler’s age in the cryptocurrency world. What that means is that we often lack the historical perspective of a new asset and the way markets mature.

In fact, for Tyler, it doesn’t matter whether he’s looking at a stock, gold, or bitcoin. He is known as a master of chart analysis.

What does that mean? It means he studies patterns without regard to any asset fundamental or news. In other words, he isn’t looking at investments the way most people do.

For Tyler, it has worked over the years and he has made people a lot of money. In saying that, I have to tell you that I got a little nervous about holding my bitcoin after what he had to say in this interview.

If you own bitcoin, you are not going to want to miss this episode.

Mr. Jenks is currently President and Chief Investment Officer of Lucid Investment Strategies, previously a division of Dumont and Blake. Mr. Jenks served for ten years as President and Chief Investment Officer of Amivest Capital Management/NFB Asset Builder, North Fork Bank’s investment advisory division. Mr. Jenks served as Senior Portfolio Manager upon joining Amivest Capital Management in 1991, and was named Amivest’s Chief Investment Officer in 1998 when North Fork Bank acquired the firm. Mr. Jenks spent four years as an officer in the United States Coast Guard. 

Immediately following his military service, Mr. Jenks joined a major Wall Street firm and has spent the last 42 years as a student of markets and investments. During his career, Tyler has had the opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished chief investment officers, portfolio managers, fundamental and technical analysts, market timers, theoreticians and academicians in the business.

Mr. Jenks’ broad overview of world economics and investment trends is not simply theoretical. He has managed hundreds of millions of dollars for institutions, charities, pension funds and individuals and has done so very effectively for over 42 years. Mr. Jenks loves to share his experience and investment acumen through classes, seminars and the financial media. He expresses challenging and complex concepts in a remarkably simple and down-to-earth style.

Before joining Amivest Capital Management in 1991, Mr. Jenks founded Boston-based Kanon Bloch Carre & Co., Inc. and was Director of Research and Chairman of the investment committee from 1985 to 1991, where he was responsible for the design, development, and implementation of mutual fund evaluation techniques. From 1975 to 1986, Mr. Jenks was extensively involved in portfolio management, investment research and trading system design and assessment at Dean Witter, Loeb Rhodes Hornblower and Shearson/American Express.


  • How did Tyler Jenks get into cryptocurrency?

  • The hyperwave theory

  • How does institutional money play into this theory?

  • Bitcoin’s domination

  • Losing money vs losing an opportunity

  • It’s not what you buy it’s when you buy it

  • https://www.lucidfunds.com